10 x 45mm Easy Change RGB RF Kit


Product Code: XSD094

    • 10 x 45mm Stainless Steel LED Deck Lights
    • 9 x 1m extension cables to go between each light
    • 1 x Plug-in transformer IP68
    • 1 x RF Control unit with 1m of wire to the transformer IP44
    • 1 x Remote control IP21
    • 1 x 5m cable to connect from the control unit to the first light
    • 1 x Multi Function Touch Dial Remote Control

With Memory Function – If the lights are switched off and then back on, they start in the same mode they were switched off in.

The kit also has a radio frequency (RF) remote control and control unit so you do not need line of sight as you do with many similar kits that work from infrared (IR). This means you can hide the control unit out of sight helping create very clean lines with your installation.

1 x Multi Function Touch Dial Remote Control – IP21
Remote requires 2 x AAA batteries – Not included

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10 x 45mm Easy Change RGB RF Kit

  • Lights are IP68 rated – suitable for use outdoors
  • Control unit is IP44 rated – suitable for use outdoors
  • Each light contains 6 LEDs and can display 16 colors
  • Polished 304 grade stainless steel bezel
  • Designed to sit almost flush on any hard flat surface
  • RF receiver – Does not require line of sight so can be hidden out of the way
  • A total of 20 lights can be connected to the existing transformer and if buying 2 kits to run all 20 together, you will also need to purchase an additional extension 4 core extension lead.



Diameter 45mm
Depth 25mm
Cut out 34mm
Watts per light 0.48w
LEDs per light 6
Outer bezel Polished Stainless Steel